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16. Jimmyed9mj   (2012-11-01 5:31 AM)
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15. Zeliaeffivy   (2012-10-25 8:10 AM)
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14. gycladway   (2012-10-19 6:13 PM)
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13. Antatteindect   (2012-10-17 10:03 AM)
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12. soacuabsabike   (2012-09-16 4:42 PM)
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11. Coephedomaype   (2012-09-02 7:24 PM)
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10. drienture   (2012-08-23 8:21 AM)
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9. goldsmithhh   (2012-08-16 10:05 AM)
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8. goldsmithhh   (2012-08-15 7:58 PM)
<b>Have you seen any cool jewelry on the net lately? What was the link?</b></br>My B-Day is comming up and I always have my hubby buy me jewelry...looking for ideas for this year!
<b>For the ladies, what color jewelry u like to wear?</b></br>Do u like the plain silver or gold, or do u like to match ur outfits with colored jewelry like blue, pink, white black, etc.

7. RodolfoSan66   (2012-08-10 2:25 AM)
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6. excachithk   (2012-08-06 11:49 PM)
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5. BypeAgess   (2012-08-06 7:18 AM)
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4. excachithk   (2012-08-01 9:16 PM)
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3. trabnoxorsrag   (2012-07-19 5:49 AM)
Думаю приобрести крепеж высокопрочный. Кто может что-то посоветовать?
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2. incizeTessy   (2012-05-12 0:38 AM)
this is to see if you are auto approve or if you moderate, sorry yippie!

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